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Our mission is to increase children's reading skills and to support
parents/caregivers in helping their children become proficient readers.



Who is BerneUnionREADS.....

We are parents, teachers, college students, caregivers,
volunteers, business people, children,...and we are united
in one goal. The OhioReads Challenge calls on everyone
to help insure that all Ohio children can read well and
and independently by the end of the third grade.
You can play an important role in the OhioReads Challenge
by becoming a BerneUnionREADS volunteer tutor.


Why does our school need
the BerneUnionREADS program.....

Beginning with the 2001-2002 school year, all fourth grade
students must meet the requirements of the "Fourth Grade Guarantee,"
a law requiring passage of the Fourth Grade Ohio Reading Proficiency
Test in order to be promoted to the fifth grade. Ohio Governor Bob Taft
recognized the importance of this challenge with his first piece of
legislation- OhioReads. This program provides grants to specifically
address reading improvement programs. An important component of the
grants is that school districts utilize the services of volunteer
community tutors. Research shows that consistent one-on-one tutoring
is the best single form of assistance to advance reading skills. With
individualized tutoring, the failure rate on the reading proficiency
test can be lowered to as little as 10%.


What it means to become a
BerneUnionREADS tutor.....

Tutors devote one hour a week to work one-on-one with
elementary students at a regularly scheduled time during
the school day. Tutors work with their assigned students
throughout the academic year.


A BerneUnionREADS tutor.....

*Commits to work with their students for one academic year
*Attends required training sessions
*Uses books and materials provided for each student
*Has the approval of his/her employer(if applicable)
*Attends at least 75% of the scheduled sessions



Fairfield County Area Businesses and Organizations
Lending Their Support

  The following is a list of the businesses and community
organizations that are lending their support to the
BerneUnionREADS program by providing tutors and or
financial support. There are many opportunites to help.

*Southeastern Correctional Institute
*Berne Union PTO

To get your business or organization involved
call the BerneUnionREADS hotline at (740)746-9262.

Our deepest gratitude and appreciation is extended to
the following individuals and groups for supporting our
program with their donations of reading materials. Their
generosity will enable us to start getting books into the
hands of our children that need it most~

Houghton Mifflin Publishing Company
Random House Publishing Company
Mike Artell, Childrens Author and Illustrator
The Millbrook Press
Grolier Publishing Company
Vicki Groves and the Teen Institute
The Coleman Family
Kelly G. Storts
Liz Brendsel

Visit the BerneUnionREADS room and "meet" several
childrens book authors and illustrators. Their autographed
pictures and other information are on display, as well
as a selection of some of their works. Here is a list
of who are visiting so far....

Jan Brett
Jim Ayelsworth
Pat Brisson
Patricia Polacco
Nancy Carlson
Zilpha Keatley Snyder
Robert Quackenbush
Mike Artell
Ken Baker
Larry Brimner
Janet Stevens
Jeff Savage
Robert Munsch
Phoebe Stone
Eric Kemmel
Hans Wilhelm
Stephen Hemenway

Our thanks to all of them for taking the
time to send all the great packages to us!!



Caring, committed individuals to spend one hour a week
changing the lives of children.

  Job Description
Form a meaningful relationship with a child (kindergarten through
fourth grade) and share a love of reading and discovering by spending
60 minutes, one day a week reading stories together, talking
about books, and exploring the world of books together.

  Specific Duties:
Meet once a week with the same student, 30 minutes per day. Pursue a
variety of activities that will help the child develop basic reading
and comprehension skills. Maintain a log of your visits. Meet to discuss
classroom work, tutoring work and how the child is progressing.

  Qualified Individuals:
Are dependable. Have a good rapport with children. Can be a positive
role model. Have a good work ethic. Enjoy reading and want to pass it on!

Our next training class for volunteer tutors will
be in January 2003.
Reserve your spot now by calling or e-mailing~!

   For more information, contact the BerneUnionREADS Coordinator
Michelle Storts through the email link below, or at 746-9262.



 Visit our Parent's Page
 Visit the HOT  Page for Tutors


Open the door to a new opportunity
Send an email for more details!

  Teach children to read
and they'll read for a day.
Teach children to love to read
and they'll read for a lifetime!